Our Approach

Initial Consultation

Let’s start with you. We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas and share with you what Ontario Gates has to offer. Most importantly we will discuss how we’re going to meet your budget and begin the plan to exceed your expectations.

Site Work

We gather site details and take all necessary measurements and photographs. This information is fundamental to the success of the wrought iron driveway gate or fencing project. If you have a property survey available, a supplied copy would be very helpful.

Develop the Perfect Design

Your custom wrought iron gates and fencing should reflect your desired style and compliment the character of your home or property. Whether traditional, contemporary or utilitarian, we will work with you through the design process to develop your ideal entry system.

Put it in Writing

Once you are happy with your design, it will be time to finish the paperwork and proceed.

Locate Utilities

Now that we’re ready to break ground, Ontario Gates will request locates from all utility and services providers to ensure no unnecessary damage or service interruption.

Perfect Foundation

Our foundations are arguably the most important part of our entire construction process and we’ve got the perfect system to ensure your gate will hang perfectly straight for decades to come.


Now that our foundations are in, we can triple check our measurements against them and move to the shop, where our craftsmen will get to work.

Installation & Setup

Within as little as a day, our technicians will mount the posts, hang the gates, and if included, begin the automation process. Intercoms, car sensors, security cameras and safety systems are all installed and set up according to your needs.