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swing gate
Swing Gates
Swings Gates are the most common driveway entry gate that you’ll find in Ontario. Whether they are spectacularly ornate or simple and clean, swing gates will swing open toward the home or property. These are ideal for relatively level driveways and can be used in most circumstances.
Sliding Gate
Sliding Gates
Sliding gates can look just like swing gates, however they are ideal for driveways having a steep upward slope or shorter driveways where space may be limited. Our sliding gates are so strong that they cantilever, or suspend, over the driveway without the use of a track or wheel system.
sliding gate
Commercial Gates
Ontario Gates offers a full line of Access Control solutions for your commercial property. Whether it’s a parking facility, warehouse, airport property, hospital or treatment facility, hotel, high-rise or mixed-use commercial location, we can take care of your Access Control. Commercial sliding gates, automatic barriers and traffic bollards are a few of the available options.

custom fencing
Wrought Iron Fencing
Our handcrafted wrought iron fencing can compliment any property, with endless design options available. Iron fencing is often designed to match a set of driveway gates but can also be used for pool enclosures or backyard fencing.

Gate Automation
Have a gate already? No problem, we can automate it! Call or email us for a no obligation quote.

Intercoms & Access Control
Security and convenience are our top priorities when planning for intercoms and access control. We offer a variety of systems for varying applications such as single family, multi-family or commercial use. Call us to find out more.

Gate & Fence Repair
If you have damage to an existing gate or fence, call or email us for a no obligation quote.
Gate Maintenance Program
Get set up on our yearly Gate Maintenance Program and have confidence knowing your gate is functioning properly. We’ll thoroughly inspect your gate, touching up any paint chips, reprogram the automation system to ensure the timing is perfect, and check to make sure all moving parts are well lubricated and safety devices are in top working order. Contact us for more details.